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Tapas Tour

This (tempting) tour surprises in many ways: the extraordinary location for the aperitif alone offers a nice introduction to this adventure tour, which, among other things, is about the perfect combination of Baden tapas, matching wines or beers. This tour is lightened up by changing to different locations - always interrupted by an entertaining walk through the city! Along the way, you can also learn little anecdotes or stories about Freiburg personalities and city rulers.

  • Dauer:  ca. 2,5 Stunden 
  • Preis:  ab 89 € pro Person
  • Treffpunkt:  Rathausplatz vor der Tourist-Info
  • Typ:  Gruppentour
  • Wetterabhängigkeit:  Indoor und Outdoor
  • Sprache(n):  Deutsch


  • A wide range of different tapas
  • Great places
  • Wonderful atmosphere in the old town

Im Preis inbegriffen:

  • Guided tour by a dedicated guide
  • Aperitif in a great location
  • Baden tapas as a starter
  • Baden tapas for the main course
  • dessert
  • 0.1 wine or 0.1 beer at each stop

Weitere Hinweise:

  • Price for private groups of up to 10 people: €890 (each additional person an additional €89)
  • The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours and ends with a main course/dessert
  • The group can stay in the last location for as long as desired

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Die Tickets erhalten Sie in der Tourist Info im Alten Rathaus sowie direkt online bei Reservix.

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